• Is your business relocating?
  • Are you proceeding with an expansion or renovation project?
  • Are you a growing company that needs to hire new employees?
  • Have you just purchased new equipment that must be connected to your network? 

All of these situations require changes to your cabling network!

A structured network is often compared to the backbone of a business. It integrates the wiring required for voice (telephony) and data transmission (computer).

An appropriate and certified structured cabling network enables you to make better use of all your systems.

Structured cabling networks

  • Telephone cabling
  • IT cabling
  • Cabling for WiFi hub
  • Cabling for camera surveillance
  • Cabling for an access control system
  • Multimedia and intercom cabling

Before making changes to your infrastructure, certified technicians diagnose your existing cabling network and offer the improvements required to meet to your needs.

We can also help you with the installation and maintenance of your network room.

Network room

  • Equipment, rack-mount (H Frame) and cabinet for equipment room
  • Patch panel
  • Maintenance and identification of cables

Our company and all our cable technicians are accredited by manufacturers Belden and Hubbell. They also certify our cables.