About us

Whatever the division, LP Télécom ensures that its work is done with the same professionalism, consultative approach and quality of execution that has sustained the company’s reputation among major industry players since its inception.

Founded more than 30 years ago, LP Télécom’s activities have evolved since it was created. Its ability to listen to clients has enabled the firm to reinvent itself and continuously adapt to new technologies and market conditions.

The foundations of its expertise in telecommunications and its professional approach stem from, among other factors, its longstanding partnerships with such renowned companies as Bell, Télébec and Cogeco.

Buried service wires

Fifteen years ago, LP Télécom also developed an expertise in buried service wires to respond to new needs in the telecom sector. Thanks to specially designed and customized equipment, we are able to make very precise trenches, regardless of the surface (grass, gravel or asphalt). This professional approach allows us to minimize the impact on clients of burying cables on clients.

Structured Cabling

Through its division specializing in cable networks, LP Télécom works with firms and organizations of all sizes.

Through its Télipso division, which specializes in business telephony and unified communications, the team continues to ensure the same quality of service that forged the company’s reputation.