Magnus Poirier

Magnus Poirier has been offering a full and continually enhanced range of funeral services and products to meet the ever-changing needs of the Quebec market since 1923. A family business for five generations, Magnus Poirier currently has nearly 200 employees at seven locations in Greater Montreal.

Communication is central to the company’s work in assisting bereaved family members and friends. To remain flexible and responsive, Magnus Poirier must have a reliable telephone system.

Its business objectives:

  • Update existing telephone systems
  • Optimize and simplify management of communications between its various sites
  • Improve its wireless network coverage to limit interruptions and offer extended service to its clients
  • Ensure system redundancy to avoid widespread failures at all of its branches
  • Reduce monthly telecommunication costs

The solution developed and deployed by Télipso enabled Magnus Poirier to meet each of these business objectives and, in addition, make recurrent savings in its monthly telephony costs. The solution was deployed gradually, using existing installations to keep initial investments to a minimum.

It included the following main elements:

  • Landline and wireless telephones
  • Panasonic Legacy PBX KX-NS-1000 integrated with the company’s existing systems (TDE) to limit the initial investment by offering the possibility of a hybrid system. The transition is gradual and aligned with end-of-life digital devices already in place.    
  • Panasonic’s One-Look system
  • PC console - Panasonic
  • Sites connected by IP on fiber

Recurrent annual savings of more than $65,000, which allowed a return on investment (ROI) in 12 months.

A solution that grows with the company

The communication solution developed and installed by Télipso’s team of experts is scalable and will allow Magnus Poirier to grow without worry:

  • enabling it to link up to 16 sites through the One-Look platform
  • adding up to 1,000 extensions/users, as needed