Accessoires d'auto Leblanc

Accessoires d'auto Leblanc is an auto and truck parts and accessories dealer. The company has almost 160 employees at its eight branches in three Quebec regions, Mauricie, Lanaudière and le comté de Portneuf.

Its business objectives

  • upgrade its phone system to improve customer service
  • optimize call management
  • improve wireless coverage to prevent service drops
  • improve internal communications between its different departments
  • simplify communication among its branches
  • reduce telecommunication costs 

Télipso developed and deployed a three-phase solution to respond to each of the business objectives of Accessoires d’auto Leblanc.

Phase I – cabling and equipment room

In the first phase of its mandate, Télipso, through its sister company LP Télécom, restructured the cabling and upgraded the network infrastructure in place to support new communication tools. These improvements also helped eliminate network outages and latencies experienced by the client.

Phase II – telephony and intercom system

In order to meet its objectives and provide the company with more flexibility, Télipso’s solution included the following:
  • Panasonic’s KX-NS700 smart hybrid system for SMEs
  • a PRI line for greater flexibility in its communications
  • an improved intercom system for paging
  • wireless Bluetooth phones to facilitate the movements of parts technicians

Phase III – call management (call centre)

Accessoires d'auto Leblanc was able to improve its management of incoming calls through Poltys call centre solution and its CCview software adapted to Panasonic products.
The company can now obtain call statistics in real time globally and by agent such as:
  • number of calls
  • wait times
  • call processing times
  • call history
  • call traffic monitoring

A solution that grows with the company

The communication solution developed and installed by Télipso’s team of experts is scalable and allows the company to:

  • add up to 262 extensions, as required
  • add SIP lines (Internet Protocol) and private connections (VPN) to link various branches
  • develop an integrated management strategy for customer service by networking its various systems